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Harrison Smith Locker

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Harrison Smith

Mr. Smith's Classroom webpage

Welcome to Mr. Smith's classroom!


My schedule for 2018-2019 is:


1st Semester                           2nd Semester

1st  Speech and Debate         1st Civics and Economics

2nd World History                    2nd 

3rd  World History                  3rd World History Honors

4th                                           4th Civics and Economics Honors



I. Required materialsàBring these every day.

  1. Writing Utensil, preferably a Pencil. If you want to bring a Pen, make sure it is blue or black ink. Work written in other colors is unacceptable. Always bring a pencil on exam day.
  2. Loose leaf paper
  3. 3 Ring Binder
  4. Highlighters/Colored Pencils/Markers/Crayons
  5. Note Cards


II. Grading Policy

                Final Average:

                                1st Six Weeks-25%

                                2nd Six Weeks-25%

                                3rd Six Weeks-25%

                                Final Exam -25%


Six Weeks Break Down:

                               Tests 50%

                            Quizzes 10 %

                            Classwork/Participation 20%

                            Homework 10%

                            Projects/Essays/Miscellaneous 10%



III. Late Work

I do not accept late work. If students missed school they have one day for each day they missed class to turn in their late assignments. Quizzes and tests need to be made up in the next five days after they were missed.


IV. Academic Responsibility

Any student observed copying work/giving work to others/giving it back including test corrections/homework/class work etc. will be turned into the office. Please do your own work and not anyone else’s but your own.


V. Absence/Tutoring

When you are absent you are responsible for making up work that you have missed.  Students are responsible for getting their own worksheets/handouts out of the designated folder and asking classmates for notes if they were given out.  Each student has one week to make up tests and quizzes.  I am available for tutoring every morning. For class work and homework each student has one day for each day they have missed to make up work.


VI. Teacher Expectations

  1. I will treat you with respect throughout the semester.
  2. I will work hard to help you learn United States History.
  3. I will listen to any problems/concerns you have about my class or in general.
  4. I will never give up on you as a student or as a person.
  5. I believe in your ability to grow as a student no matter what your circumstances.
  6. I believe you are a special and unique individual.


VII. Classroom Expectations

  1. Respect the Teacher
  2. Respect the Classroom
  3. Respect your classmates
  4. Respect yourself.
  5. Come to class prepared and on time.
  6. Follow all instructions the first time.
  7. Stay on task at all times
  8. Work only on this class’s assigned tasks.
  9. Avoid all behavior that will disrupt the class.


I follow the East Carteret High School handbook for tardies, dress code, cell phones, etc…Please be familiar with your school’s rules.  Minor disruptions will be handled as follows:

1st Offense--Verbal or Nonverbal Warning

           2nd Offense—Conference with Mr. Smith in the hall or after class/Phone Call Home

           3rd Offense— Referral to Guidance/Phone Call Home and parent conference requested

           4th Offense—Referral to AEC and parent conference requested.


Major discipline problems will be handled on a case by case basis.


IX. Classroom Procedures

  1. Be in your seat starting on the warm-up when the bell rings.  This will help you be successful!
  2. We have important procedures for sharpening pencils, fire drills, shelter in place, substitutes, turning in work, class work, library work, outside work, lab work, group work, talking, questioning, phone calls, that will be covered on the power point.
  3. Assignments are due when I ask for them in class and when they were announced due. 
  4. Tests/Quizzes are announced in advance. If you are absent the day of the test/quiz you are responsible for making it up and scheduling a time in bridge back. 
  5. Missed class time hurts students and academics. Students have plenty of time to get to class. Please use this time to go to the restroom if needed.
  6. Wait for the teacher to dismiss the class. The entire class needs to be ready before dismissal. Make sure to take pride in your area of the room so that the class can leave on time.

After School Help:


During Fall/Winter Sports Season:


Available on Wednesdays and in the mornings before school for tutoring or make up tests and quizzes

Make up Tests and quizzes can be made up with other department teachers upon request.


After Winter Sports Season:


Available after school every day upon request.


Web resources for AM H I:


SAS Labs


Reading Like a Historian