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Animal Science 1

Animal Science 1

Course Syllabus:  Animal Science I/Animal Science I Honors

Instructor:  Jason Salter

Planning: 3rd Block    Room:  806

Email:  jason.salter@carteretk12.org

Phone:  (252) 728-3514

Course Description:  This course provides instruction focused on the basic scientific principles and processes that are involved in animal physiology, breeding, nutrition, and care in preparation for an animal science career major.  Topics include an introduction to animal science, animal nutrition, animal science issues, career opportunities, and animal evaluation.  Skills in biology, chemistry, and algebra are reinforced in this course.  Supervised agricultural experience programs and FFA leadership activities are integral components of the course and provide many opportunities for practical application of instructional competencies.

Course Objectives:  The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to animal anatomy, production, and care.

  1. Provide students with knowledge of livestock care and management, as well as differences between species and breeds.
  2. Develop the leadership potential of students, while providing a variety of experiences that will increase marketability to employers.
  3. Gain a general knowledge of common equipment, facilities, and practices utilized in various aspects of animal science.
  4. Give students the knowledge and skills necessary to care for a variety of animal species used for a variety of purposes.

Laboratory:  This course will require students to participate in laboratory activities, work experiences, and field trips.  Students must have a safety contract with the appropriate signatures on file with the teacher before participating in any class activity.  Each student must also pass a safety test with 100% accuracy before he/she will be allowed to take part in laboratory activities.  A school insurance policy and/or a private policy is required for students taking this course.

Student Organization (FFA):  All students are highly encouraged to participate in the FFA Organization.  Some opportunities offered by the FFA are local activities, career development events, travel and awards.

Class Guidelines:  Classroom rules and consequences are posted in this syllabus.  Students are also expected to follow the FFA Code of Conduct which outlines the behavior that should be exhibited by an FFA member.

            Classroom Rules

  1. Respect Others and Our Stuff.
  2. Participate-Involve Yourself in Your Education.
  3. Follow Directions and Act Responsibly.
  4. Be Here-Attendance/Tardiness.  The school attendance policy is in effect.  If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you are TARDY.
  5. Academic Integrity-There is no need to cheat.  If you are having problems on a particular day or in general come see me, Do Not Cheat!

Consequences for Failing to Follow Procedures

  1.  Warning and/or Student Conference.
  2.   Phone Call Home.
  3. AEC/Referral to administration.

Students will be expected to participate in outdoor activities/projects which may result in the student getting dirty.  If this does not appeal to you or your student please do not take this course.

Academic Information:

  1.  Grade Scale:  A = 100-90, B = 89-80, C = 79-70, D = 69-60, F = 59-0
  2.  Grade Percentages:  Exams 50%, Quizzes 20%, Classwork 20%, SAE Project 10%
  3.  Late Assignments:  No Tolerance!
  4.  Make-Up Assignments:  Students must comply with all rules regarding absences in the school    handbook.
  5. Assignment Information:

Course Exams:  We will have several tests throughout this course breaking up each of the major topics in the course.  Students MUST do well on exams to do well in class.

Quizzes:  These may be unannounced and will focus on comprehension of the assignments and techniques demonstrated in class.  Both Exams and Quizzes may have written and application sections.

Classwork:  Students are expected to participate in the class to its fullest.  The course will require significant “lab” work in the barn, greenhouse, and field.  Agricultural education is based on experiential learning, which means you learn it by doing it.  You will also be graded on involvement and completion in several small class projects throughout the semester.

SAE Project:  Each student will be required to conduct a Supervised Agriculture Experience Project counting as 10% of their grade.  This project will require the student to develop a plan and participate in an approved activity that should total at least 20 hours of experience outside of the classroom setting.  This assignment is designed to help individuals gain experiences that will improve their competitiveness in the workplace.  More information will be provided as the semester begins.



Live animals are a large part of the curriculum.  Students are required to follow all safety procedures when handling or interacting with animals.  Failure to follow directions while working with animals will result in AEC referral.