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Within the Student Services Department, there are several people to assist you with your needs and requests:


Mrs. Jones, School Counselor, Grades 9 and 10

Mrs. Pilcher, School Social Worker

Ms. Pittman, Registrar

Mrs. Will, School Counselor, Grades 11 and 12

Officer Moore, School Resource Officer



There are many advantages to becoming a volunteer:

(1) Great College Resume Builder

(2)  Help others and give back to the community

(3)  Learn a new skill 

(4) Discover a possible career path 

(5) Networking

ECHS Student Services Locker

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General Information


Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics is a cost-free, statewide science and math enrichment program for students with proven academic ability, motivation in the STEM fields of study, and emotional maturity.  Summer Ventures takes students beyond the traditional boundaries of high school science and mathematics while exploring topics of interest to them and learning experimental design, laboratory skills, instrumentation, mathematical modeling, strategies in mathematical problem solving and more.  At the end of the four-week residential program, students present a comprehensive research project on a current topic in a STEM field of study.


The online application may be found at:  https://www.ncssm.edu/summerventures  The application period for 2019 opens October 15, 2018 and the deadline for submitting summer 2019 applications is January 15, 2019Students who submit applications prior to January 15, 2019 will be notified of admission decisions April 9, 2019.


Links to the four universities across our state offering a Summer Ventures program and their topics of study may also be found at the website.



SATELLITE is an initiative of the Caldwell Fellows Program.

SATELLITE (Science And Technology Enriching Lifelong Leadership In Tomorrow’s Endeavors) is an exciting five-day adventure at North Carolina State University for selected HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES. During the program, SATELLITE scholars are exposed to a wide range of N.C. State's science and technology resources while exploring future educational and career opportunities in a variety of fields. Scholars also get a feel for the college experience--living in student dorms, attending lectures, hands-on laboratories, and interactive demonstrations led by faculty and staff, and participating in various cultural and enrichment activities.


Attention High School Sophomores:
The SATELLITE 2019 is set for May 11-15!



Student Application  the deadline to apply is March 1st, 2019, and students will be notified of their acceptance by March 30th, 2019. The program costs $30, but a limited number of need-based scholarships are available.  



If you have any general questions, please contact jlowe3@ncsu.edu




2019 Prudential Spirit of Community Award

2019 Prudential Spirit of Community Award

Service Academy Day

Service Academy Day

Student Services Locker

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How do I send a transcript with my college application?

This is a great question! Even better: I have the answer for you! There are two ways to have your transcript sent to the college or university that needs it for their application.


Beginning October 1, 2017:


For colleges and universities in North Carolina, you will need to go to http://www.cfnc.org.

     If you do not have an account, you will need to make one. 

     You will need your PowerSchool #.

     Under Transcript Manager, you will see directions on how to send your transcript.


For colleges, universities, scholarships, military, etc., please come to Student Services and fill out the Transcript Request Form. You will need to know the address of where you would like your transcript sent.



Updated: 09.03.2017

Freshman!!! What Should I Be Doing?

  1. Focus on your grades and classes. GPA and Class rank matter when applying to college
  2. Sign up for extracurricular activities.  Get involved.
  3. Volunteer
  4. Start a log or journal to keep up with your awards, activities, and honors.
  5. Improve your study habits
  6. Take a career interest inventory.  CFNC.org is a great source.
  7. Talk with your school counselor about your plans for the future.

Sophomores!!! What Shoud I Be Doing?

  1. Take ownership of your education! Talk with your school counselor about your future plans.
  2. Talk with your teachers about how to best prepare for your tests and exams.
  3. Keep a log or journal of all school activities, awards, and honors.
  4. Take practice college admission tests like the Pre-ACT and/or PSAT.
  5. Volunteer
  6. Consider visiting a college campus on a school break.
  7. Get involved in your school community
  8. Consider creating your CFNC profile.
  9. Career exploration.

Juniors!!! What should I be doing?

  1. Take the PSAT ( not required but information very useful)- this is a National  Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test
  2. Take the SAT and/or ACT at least one time.- ACT will be given to all juniors in March.  Students should take the SAT during the Spring of the Junior year.
  3. Continue to monitor your classes and make wise class selection choices.
  4. Begin to decide what you want to major in.
  5. Look at colleges online to decide what college has your “major” or desired career
  6. Start compiling a list of all activities, honors, clubs, sports, leadership activities etc… that you have done while in high school
  7. You can receive TWO college visit days total for your high school career… so you might want to visit a college.
  8. Register with CFNC.org- has great financial aid, SAT/ACT study information etc..
  9. Study 30 min each day on SAT/ACT preparation.  Free materials can be found on CFNC.org
  10. Create a resume
  11. Athletes register with NCAA

SENIORS!!!! What Should I Be Doing?

1.  Start working on college applications- decide if you want to apply for early admission.

2.  Retake the SAT and/or ACT.

3.  Talk with your teachers and counselor about letters of reference.

4.  Update your resume.

5.  Update your list of activities, honors, etc...

6.  Choose which college to apply.

7.  Use free college application week if possible.


9.  Scholarships-  keep up with your emails and scholarship postings.

10. Research for scholarship opportunities.

11. Athletes make sure your information is updated for NCAA

12. File FAFSA  in February ( parents must have completed and filed taxes).  

North Carolina School of Science and Math

North Carolina School of Science and Math


Attention Sophomores!!!!!!

If you are highly motivated and excel in Math and Science, you may wish to apply for the School of Science and Math.  Th NCSSM offers programs to educate tomorrow's scientific and technological leaders.  This is a very challenging program but offers many wonderful academic opportunities.

Criteria used to select students are:
1. Strong interest in Math/Science/Technology as determined by participation in clubs, competitions and other related activities
2.  Leadership positions
3.  ABOVE average grades in freshman and sophomore classes
4.  Enrollment in accelerated and challenging courses
5.  Teacher and School Counselor Evaluations.
6.  Test results from the SAT ( must be taken Oct., Nov,, Dec., Jan. of your sophomore year)
7.  A North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM) math test.

If you are interested in applying;  come see Mrs. Jones in Student Services.


The electronic application for admission is available at :  www,ncssm.edu

Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

The vision of the East Carteret High School Counseling program is to provide a comprehensive program that inspires all students to embrace their heritage and to look for opportunities for future success.



East Carteret High School Student Services is committed to providing supportive services designed to empower all students to be productive responsible citizens.

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Academic Support-

* Academic Planning

* Referral for Academic Support

* Test Interpretation

* Student Record Interpretation

Career/College Planning-

* Financial Aid Workshops

* Scholarship Workshops

* College Nights

* Career Inventories

Responsive Services-

 * Individual Counseling

 * Small Group Counseling

 * Linking with Community  Supports

 * Linking with School Supports

 * Character Education

 * Crisis Intervention