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Samuel Nicholls


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Welcome to my webpage.  My standard syllabus for all classes is below:


Class rules:

            Students are expected to live by three guiding principles at all times:


These rules are meant to guide our in-class behavior and it means abiding by all school rules, being responsible for all work and materials, and doing your best at all times.



First Offense:              Verbal warning/Teacher given consequence

Second Offense:         Student sent to AEC


Note:  Some offenses are an instant referral to AEC such as, but not limited to, tardiness, cussing, cellphone out in class, etc.  NO EXCEPTIONS.



The following material must be brought to class each day.

  1. 3 Ring Binder (2-3 inch) with paper and dividers.
  2. Pencil
  3. Pen
  4. Colored Pencils (Optional)
    1. I will provide the initial set of pencils
  5. Earbuds/Headphones (REQUIRED)
  6. Textbooks will be on a class set basis only



Your grade will be calculated at the end of the grading period based on the below weighted scale.  Each grading period (3 total) is worth 25%.  The NC Final Exam is worth 25% on its own.  Therefore, it can both have a dramatic boost on a student’s overall grade or a harsh reduction.


  1. Tests/Projects                                                                               40%
  2. Quizzes                                                                                         30%
  3. Homework/Classwork                                                                  15%
  4. Class Participation                                                                        15%


NOTE:  I do not accept any late work, except for 1 day on projects.  Otherwise, if the assignment is not turned in on time the student will receive a 0.



Tests:  There will 2-3 tests given for each grading period, generally one for each unit plus a midterm and a final.  They will include multiple choice questions using recall and document/reading based questions.  After the first test, all other tests will be semi-cumulative with 40 questions being from the unit and 20-30 questions being from prior units.  There will be no written portions on the tests.


It is important to keep up both in class and with outside assignments.  You must be here on test days.  If you miss a test, arrangements must be made the day you return for make ups.  You will have 3-5 days to come early to school or stay after school to make up the test.  Failure to make up the test as specified would result in a zero that will not be reversed and cannot be made up. 



A variety of projects will be assigned this semester with one for each unit.  The students will receive the project guidelines no less than 1.5 weeks before the project is due, except for mini-projects.  Mini-projects will generally have a due date of one week.  For projects the students will be given time in class to start on their project and will always have at least 1 weekend before the project is due.  Any further work must be done at home.  The students will receive ½ credit for any project turned in a day late and no credit for any other lateness.



Frequent quizzes will be given each grading period used as review of material, entrance/exit tickets, and as overall benchmarks for the students.  They will be given in a variety of formats such as crossword puzzles, matching, multiple choice, true/false, or a mix of formats.  Every Friday students will have an open notes quiz based on what was covered prior in the week.    



Since there is no academic, peer reviewed, study that indicates that nightly homework helps the student learn, I generally do not give it as such.  Occasionally, due to time constraints, students may have to finish an assignment at home but that is the exception, not the rule.  In most cases, any assignments will be given on a 3+ day due date basis.  The following list contains the general types of homework that students can have:

  • Project
  • Mini Project
  • Vocabulary (with a quiz for each unit or due the day of the unit test)
  • Study guides
  • Review work (starting 1.5 months before the semester ends and will be both in class and take home)


Students are expected to keep an organized notebook throughout the semester.  The following list shows the suggested sections that students should have:

  • Warm-ups
  • Notes:  The bulk of materials will go here to include notes done in class and most of assignments will go here when returned
  • Primary Sources:  Important portions of the sources will be underlined/highlighted
  • Review materials:  Study guides and other review work will go here
  • Quizzes and miscellaneous work


There will be open notes quizzes every Friday (using a format similar to exams) to grade the student notebooks.



Every student is expected to participate daily in class.  Failure to do so, discipline issues, lack of work ethic, etc. will result in a reduction in the student’s daily participation grade.  Each day is worth 5 total points with 25 for the week plus 5 potential bonus points.


Extra Credit/Low Grade

NO Extra credit will be given at all this semester with one exception.  Students will be given the chance at the midterm to complete one extra credit assignment of their choice.  It will directly replace one major grade.     Instead, at the end of each grading period the lowest quiz and test/project grade for each student will be dropped.  This means that for the second six weeks students can complete the extra credit to replace a grade and then have the next lowest major grade dropped.



The Student laptops will be used frequently throughout the semester.  A variety of activities, review, research, and more will take place on the laptops.  Earbuds or headphones are REQUIRED. 


Canvas, Google Classrooms, Problem-attic, SchoolNet, and other online resources will be used during this semester.  Additionally, a class webpage has been created for more connectivity.


General Class Schedule (When laptops are being used they replace the last 1-2 sections of class time)

  1.  Warm-up:  Review, Quiz, Activity Wrap up.   (10-15 minutes)
  2. Notes &Lecture:  Handouts, Webquests (20-30 minutes)
  3. Independent/Guided Activity I (30-35 minutes)
  4. Independent Activity II, Review, Project Start, Exit Ticket (15-20 minutes)


Current Assignments


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